Low Carbon Truck Trials – GO-Truck project

The GO-Truck project was a partnership between container haulage firm ContainerShips and dual-fuel technology developer G-volution, to deploy 40 dual-fuel (methane-diesel) trucks in the UK. Mint Green instigated the project and won funding from Innovate UK’s Low Carbon Truck Trial, and subsequently worked with ContainerShips to develop an innovative containerized refueling station concept, as well as providing project management and data analysis services.

Following on from the Low Carbon Truck Trial GO-Truck project (Gas Operated Truck), GO-Truck II further developed G-volution’s market-leading dual-fuel technology. The project deployed 20 MAN Euro VI trucks running on methane and diesel, with modifications to the fuel injection timing to improve fuel combustion, and the addition of a newly developed low temperature methane catalyst to remove any remaining methane in the exhaust. Mint Green again provide project funding, management and data analysis services.