Operators of commercial vehicles are facing a confusing and uncertain future. Fleets of all types and sizes are under pressure from their stakeholders to show they are cutting emissions, and winning new work can often depend on it.

If you are a mid-size operator of commercial vehicles, from vans to 44t HGVs, the phase out dates for diesel are looming, and your customers and stakeholders are probably asking about your net zero strategy. The largest fleets have developed in-house expertise in emissions reduction, or teamed up with consultancies to trial the latest vehicles. As an independent consultant with low overhead, I can provide a lower cost service to mid-size operators trying to make sense of the deluge of announcements.

Every month brings a new electric or hydrogen truck to market, or a new funding stream from government. Should you be installing expensive charging infrastructure, or trying to secure renewable diesel? I can’t tell you how to run your business, but I can help you make sense of your options, help you track and report your emissions and keep you informed about what government and your competition are doing.